Gift from Telegram


In order to pay more attention to the crypto coin and stir up excitement, the
founder of Telegram Pavel Durov decided to distribute 1.000.000 crypto coins. This
is being done with the Gift.One website (Gift Box) right now!By registering on the
site, you receive a gift of 100 Gift, and in the future when registering your
people you will receive gifts up to 100,000 Gift.On the site it is
said that 1 Gift is equal to $ 0.2 and 1 million Gram will be divided among all the
participants of Gift.One according to the amount of Gift on participants accounts!
Such gift will intensify the excitement to the crypto currency Gram and then create
a great number of participants. After all, to make a profit you will have to become
a member of the Gram network.
What does all this mean for you?
You can easy earn money in Gift One. But there is a condition - in order to earn
more money, you must more actively share your referral link and invite friends.
Should I register in Gift One?
Yes, you should register and there are minimum 2 reasons for it!
The first one is free registration on the site, the second one -
the project is connected with Pavel Durov (the founder of Russian popular social
network “Vkontakte”) . Would you invested money in “Vkontakte” in 2005, if you knew
that you will earn in million times more ??!! I think the answer is obvious
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 Gift One or Gift Box 

What to expect from the project?

I will not be wrong if I will say that Gift One with the official site is the most attractive project at the junction of the crypto
currency and network marketing.
What is going to happen?
Now I will tell you why registering of Gift One is
important and what it means for you and other people.
In 2018 there will be several stages of ICO's own crypto currency of Telegram
Messenger called Gram. It will be used in a variety of transfers related to the
messenger and considering that fact that there are already 200 million users of
Telegram, its own crypto coin will be popular, and therefore expensive.

For registration use only gmail. And also you must have blockchain wallet. You can use

The world's largest organization for distributing Crypto-Currency, conducts Token for free! Currently 1GIFT = US $ 0.2, register and receive 1000 GIFT. Spend in activities to get 100,000GIFT Click on the link below to get it.